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Here’s What Got Me Motivated

 Here’s the CBC news article about a recent York Catholic Region Catholic School Board meeting that got Larry and I started on this project.  This is not just happening south of the border folks! This is here!  People in our own Country; our own communities, have this much hate for us!

So let’s take the Safe Space notion one step further and identify Safe People; people who will intervene, not with violence, but with friendship, conversation, companionship, or whatever other sign of support it takes to keep LGBTQ2SI+ folks safe in our own communities!

Parents angry over 'safe spaces' for LGBTQ students disrupt York Catholic board meeting

Tyler Cheese · CBC News · 

A sticker showing the Pride progress flag and the words 'safe space' is shown stuck to a classroom door.
A group of angry parents attended the York Catholic District School Board's monthly meeting on Tuesday to oppose the use of stickers meant to signal safety to LGBTQ students. (Paolo du Buono/Twitter)

Police were called in to deal with angry parents after they disrupted a Catholic school board meeting north of Toronto earlier this week over the issue of safe spaces for LGBTQ students.

The parents attended the York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB) meeting Tuesday evening in Aurora to oppose what are known as "safe space" stickers, which are used by some teachers to signal acceptance to LGBTQ children and teens. 

Carlo Ravenna, one of the parents, spoke directly to the board about the stickers in a pre-approved deputation. 

"They shouldn't say 'safe space.' They should say 'danger zone,'" he said at the meeting. "Preaching confusion in the guise of inclusivity and acceptance is truly disgusting."

The parents say the stickers, and any LGBTQ-inclusive messaging, are at odds with their Catholic faith.

Sheree di Vittorio, another parent who made a virtual deputation, told the board, "Catholic schools should not allow transgender or LGBT students to attend."

"It is most certainly not appropriate to engage kids to be open to these ideologies. There are biblical reasons why homosexuality is considered a sin … regardless of what Pope Francis may think," she said.

You can read the entire article here.